SHADI COMPANY born in 1959 left for ITALY to continue her education and graduated in INTERIOR DESIGN from ”CAPIELO ACADEMY” in Florence in 1980.

She began to learn painting by herself and carried on her efficient engagement in 1995 with AYDIN AGHDASHLOO , the most famous painter in IRAN in ZANGAR studio.

Having skilled in many styles such as IMPRESSIONISM, EXPRESSIONISM ,and
SURREALISM ,she resorted to ABSTRACT style that she extensively
experienced, different aspects of it going on with her researches till now.

She believes that the ABSTRACT and ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM (action painting) perfect the artist's inner relation with the outer world accessing immediate ebullition and releasing him from limitations.

This brilliant inside is expressed in colors.

SHADI COMPANY is an active painter who works untiring ,having variety of
colorful and Impressive paintings in her studio.

She married in 1980 and has three children and lives in TEHRAN.




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